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PDP Members Club - 12 month Membership

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Our Members Club is a very special group of ladies who share a love of all things vintage.  Some wear vintage every day, some are just 'dipping their toe' in the wonderful world of vintage style. 

As part of our Members Club, not only will you receive lots of perks and benefits, but you will be able to join our Facebook community of fabulous 'Dotties' and find support, encouragement and friendship, without judgement, criticism or being made to feel silly.

Here's what our existing Members say:

Membership is for 12 months and costs £25


What do I get as a Member?

The benefits given to each Member are as follows:
  • A birthday card containing a £20 voucher on your Birthday for you to choose treats from the website
  • A Polka Dots Lottery Ticket for the duration of your Membership.  This will be your permanent lottery ticket number for all Club draws and giveaways, not restricted to but including:
- A monthly Members lottery draw to win a £50 voucher
- A weekly Members draw to win a surprise parcel sent through the post
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group - our fabulous community of 'Dotties'
    • Members only discount codes, including during Sales


      How much does it cost?

      Membership is for 12 months and costs £25.

       How do I join?

       Purchase your Membership and we will contact you by email for the personal details we need to set up your Membership.  Once we have those, we will send a confirmation email and invite you to join our exclusive Facebook Group. That's it!  You will then be a 'Dottie'!

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