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Members Club

Our Members Club is a very special group of ladies who share a love of all things vintage.  Some wear vintage every day and some are just 'dipping their toe' in the wonderful world of vintage style. 

As part of our Members Club, not only will you receive lots of perks and benefits, but you will be able to join our Facebook community of fabulous 'Dotties' and find support, encouragement and friendship, without judgement, criticism or being made to feel silly.


Here's what some of our existing Members say:

"Thanks to the Club and the Dotties, I've found a place I can feel beautiful and appreciated for who I am.  Real people rocking vintage, in their own way, no matter what age or size.  It's truly empowering" - Beth A

"Don't even think twice about becoming a Dottie just do it!!  Best thing I did in the last year.  I haven't just gained friends I've gained family.  Everyone is so supportive of one another given any situation you can have a rant, share happy news and discuss all things vintage,  We all go through each other's highs and lows together.  I always felt a but awkward having a different style which wasn't the norm.  Being a Dottie has really brought me out of my shell.  We all have insecurities in how we look especially being women!  I love that PDP works for women of all shapes, ages and sizes.  I'm blessed to be a Dottie and I appreciate this group for really blessing me in my life.  Women who build each other up not bring each other down" - Izzi H

"Only just joined no long ago and I feel somewhere I belong in style - not many 'get it' around where I live.  The ladies here do, and make me wear my dresses with a new found confidence" - Camielle A

"It's not just a Club, it's a family" - Nicki M

"Best thing I did becoming a Member.  Initially I joined just because I loved the dresses and petticoats but I've gained so much more; lots of like-minded friends of all ages, a safe place to rant or rave etc.  But most important, as a very shy person the confidence to embrace my love of pretty clothes and wear them with pride, regardless of my shape or size" - Sam G

"The Members Club is so much more than just a 'club'.  It's a place where you can share your thoughts and ideas, excitements in life, new purchases, or simply a place to show off your outfit with like minded people!  It's a group where you are welcomed and celebrated in being yourself" - Abbie G

"Being a PDP customer and Club Member is the best.  Jackie's vision for her great company has blossomed into an enterprise and a family community of like minded women.  I love the cameraderie on the Facebook pages.  We truly support each other and there are no bad feelings - only love and appreciation.  Being a Dottie rules.  Love being part of the Polka Dots and Petticoats family" - Becky P

 "PDP is a club full of positivity, helpful tips and and friendly ladies.  A rare thing to find on social media.  Somewhere that lifts your spirits, you can ask for advice, rant if needed and laugh and smile too" - Ruth O

"The Members Club is home for me.  It's a place of sanctuary, the support you get from the PDP family is great.  I have made many new friends through the club.  Become a Member, you won't regret it" - Pam H

"I love being a Member of the PDP Club.  Its such a wonderful hing to see women of all shapes and sizes sharing their photogrpahs in their gorgeous dresses and boosting each other up.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it really is a lovely group to be part of" - Eileen H-B

"One of the best things I've done is join this lovely club.  A lovely group of ladies encouraging each other in every day life issues and celebrating our different shapes and sizes.  Lovely Club" - Jane L



What do I get as a Member?

The benefits given to each Member are as follows:-
  • A birthday card containing a £20 voucher on your Birthday for you to choose treats from the website
  • A Polka Dots Lottery Ticket for the duration of your Membership.  This will be your permanent lottery ticket number for all Club draws and giveaways, not restricted to but including:
- A monthly Members lottery draw to win a £50 voucher
- A weekly Members draw to win a surprise parcel sent through the post
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group - our fabulous community of 'Dotties'
    • Members only discount codes, including during Sales


      How much does it cost?

      Membership is for 12 months and costs £25.

       How do I join?

       Purchase your Membership from our shop by clicking on the image below and we will contact you by email for your personal details to set up your Membership.  Once we have those, we will send a confirmation email and invite you to join our exclusive Facebook Group. That's it!  You will then be a 'Dottie'!!


      Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions below before applying:
       Polka Dots and Petticoats Members Club Membership is open to UK customers only and is for a period of 12 months.  All Members will be required to complete an application form and your Membership and benefits are not transferable to anyone else.  Membership is available to private individuals only.  No discounts can be used towards the payment of the Membership fee.
      Benefits are for the use of the Member only and may not be shared with, or used for or on behalf of, another person.  Members found to be abusing this will have their Membership cancelled.
      Polka Dots and Petticoats reserves the right to refuse or withdraw Membership without prior notice and without reason.  No refund of the Membership fee will be given if Membership ceases - for any reason.
      Birthday vouchers must be redeemed in one transaction.  We are unable to split vouchers into smaller amounts or offer a cash alternative.  Please note you will be required to pay any additional amount over the value of the voucher if your order totals more than the voucher.